Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Couple of Quick Projects

It's been ages since I spent much time in my studio.  Summer seems to go by so quickly - gardening, sailing, room re-do, company and then, there's all that beach-watching! 

I took a trip to Ikea recently and picked up these plain white magazine holders  for The Captain's growing collection of sailing magazines.  Clearly they needed some help!

I painted the boxes blue, then used pieces of an old nautical chart on the front and inside back.  I added a small circle tag, smudged on some colored chalk and stamped random numbers/signs.

I came across this fun tassle idea while blog-hopping at Quick Fix Momma.   Since we are a family that embraces the Mimosa, it wasn't hard to find the corks.

For the ones on the left, I used pages from a very old French novel.  The pages were extremely fragile, so I used newer pages for the one on the right.  You could rub some Distress Ink on the edges if your pages are too new.

First step is to cut 4-5 pages in half and trim off the bottom edge and one side edge ( the parts with no text).  Then hot-glue the top edges of the stack of pages to secure.  I cheated on one and just stapled it to the cork - worked fine.

Next, hot glue (or staple!) the stack around the cork. Then, cut the pages into about 1/4 wide strips, making the "fringe"- no need to be OCD about it - just eye-ball and cut away .    I wrapped these with black wire to cover the top of the paper stack.  The one on the right above was wrapped with ribbon instead.  

Insert a screw eye into the top of the cork and thread ribbon, twine or more wire through it for a hanger.  I only had some gold-colored screw eyes so I scrubbed them with an emery board to tone down the bling!   Notice that the wider ribbon on the larger one covers the screw eye completely.

Here's the larger one, dolling up my old button lamp!  I don't dare use the more fragile ones here as someone (ahem) who uses this light might not be considerate of the delicate fringe!  I may cut off a bit of the length after I live with it awhile.


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