Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Coffee Obsession

I love my coffee. I love lots of coffee in the morning and made a frightening discovery in Paris- Parisians don't have the same obsession about morning coffee that I do, or at least the same requirement for a large quantity of coffee to start the day. We were on the Metro early one morning with all the work commuters and I did not see one person with a mug of coffee. I did not see anyone walking the streets with a cup of coffee. How do these people function??

The Captain went out to find coffee for me one morning and came back with two tiny plastic cups (like those tiny little disposable bathroom cups) of espresso - from the 27/7 Internet cafe. No to-go coffee anywhere . It was Sunday and even Starbucks wasn't open until 9 a.m. This is the Starbucks near our hotel - very swanky!
Ah, but then we discovered our cafe tucked into a market square. It had wonderful wooden tables with inlaid numbers, fantastic breads and pastries and coffee - the wonderful double grand creme pictured above. All that plus a wonderful white chocolate spread for flaky croissants -yummy!!

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