Thursday, October 1, 2015

Planner Pages

My Moleskine  weekly planner has grown over the past nine months!  To be fair, this planner was never intended for all that I've done to it and it gets lots of points for just holding together.  That is some serious binding!   I love the size and the cover, but not the thin paper (again, not Moleskine's fault - it isn't advertised as a mixed -media journal).  But honestly, anything other than light pencil marks show through the next page, so you can imagine what paint, ink and sprays do.  I've gesso'd all the pages or done my work on a substrate and then glued it in.  I've learned to embrace the occasional bleed-through.

Here are a couple of recent pages, making the best of the limitations of super-thin pages.

I'm not one for spill-my-guts journalling, but sometimes you just need to put it on paper!  I wrote in the dictionary page with an embossing marker- using an exaggerated version of my handwriting and them embossed it with Distress embossing powder, making the writing essentially illegible.   Added bonus - great background texture,

One of the things I like best about art journaling/planner pages is the chance to use up bits and pieces that I can't bear to part with.   Take the red resist canvas mannequin - after I sprayed it with red ink and was admiring the pattern,  I dropped a black ink pad across the middle!   The French label salvaged my klutzy move, and now my mannequin has a good home.

I used Distress inks for the background on this - spread out on a craft sheet and spritzed with water and used like watercolors..

Everything is better with some postage and french text!

I was having one of those weeks, so this quote seemed appropriate.

Back to Moleskine - silly me, I thought it was pronounced as it's spelled - "mole- skin", with the final "e" silent.  Turns out the very fancy way to say it is "mol-a skeen-a", or "mole-skeen" but that seems a bit putting on airs, so  I pronounce it "my plan-ner" to avoid any confusion.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Summer is winding down here in the Northeast, and it feels more and more like fall.  Today was a gorgeous day for a walk in the woods.    Finn loves investigating the woods - so many smells, so much territory to mark!

I am fascinated by tree fungi - beautiful patterns, texture and sometimes, gorgeous fall color.

This fallen tree stump looks like some prehistoric monster, horn and all!

While I'm appreciating the great fall weather ,  my heart belongs to summer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bespoke Shoes, Oh My!

Texas Daughter gave me a gift certificate for a pair of custom-made shoes from Margaux.   She wanted to thank me for spending time with her when Sweet Baby James was born.  She's so silly - as if seeing that sweet little man just minutes after he was born wasn't enough.  As if hearing his big brother say, "Good morning, Sweetie Pie" to me wasn't enough.  As if spending time with her wasn't enough.   But not gonna lie, the idea of fancy-schmancy shoes made to order was pretty exciting!

This is how Margaux explains their shoes:


Handcrafted by Spanish artisans from the finest quality Italian suede, Margaux’s ballerina flat is a wear everyday, everywhere shoe that maintains the grace and refinement of the original while incorporating precision engineering for optimum comfort and a perfect fit.
Though simple in shape, the ballerina is one of the most complex shoes to engineer. Margaux’s revolutionary interpretation is built on a last that has been sculpted by experienced craftsmen to hug the foot while providing just a glimpse of toe cleavage. The finished shoe doesn’t gape and will not lose its structure. Further enhancing the wearer’s comfort is the layer of memory foam, invisible from the outside, that pads the insole."
Well, well, well - I told you it was fancy, schmancy!
This came first:

A package with instructions on how to measure your feet, complete with a sweet tape measure , for my purse once the measuring is done.

The shoes are available in these colors.  I chatted online with a customer service rep about the olive color and she assured me it was a dark sage green, great for fall.  Perfect!  

Ordering is easy - enter your measurements online and then receive an email that your shoes are being made.

These beauties came today!

The color is perfect and they fit, well, like they were made for me.

Notice the "glimpse of toe cleavage" - so risqué!!

Beautiful sage suede, comfortable fit and every time I look at them I'll think of our thoughtful Texas family.  And try to resist telling everyone that these aren't just any flats, they are bespoke flats !

Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Bits

The Captain has Thursdays off, and we often spend the day wandering around , checking out new places or revisiting old favorites.   Combine the wandering with a few real errands, and we can check something off the to-do list and feel productive!

 First stop - Applecrest Farm Orchards .  They recently built a new building for their farm store,  gussied up considerably from the old one and have up -scaled the displays as well.  Love the fancy new slate signs.   Who could resist these gorgeous colors?

Note the price PER OUNCE of these fancy mushrooms - pricey but yummy.

Then we checked out a local brewery, Earth Eagle Brewings.   It's a small, friendly spot with a great lunch menu.  

I 'm not a big beer drinker, but when in a brewery, best not to ask for wine!  I had the 'Merican Revolution, intrigued by the addition of Early Grey Tea.   

The beer was good, but the sandwich was fantastic - applewood smoked bacon, date spread and Manchego cheese all melted into gooey goodness.   

Love this sign in a storefront:

And a funny tee:

And for a palate-cleanser from the idea of a Trump presidency, this peaceful scene on the way home:

Have a great long weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Return Visit to the Adair Country Inn and Restaurant

Our house was so quiet after the kids all left.  I tend to get all sad and weepy at that point, so this year I booked a stay out of town to stave off the crazies.   We live near the ocean and decided that a trip to the mountains was just the change we needed,  and that meant staying at the Adair Country Inn located in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.    This was our second stay  - I blogged about the first here.  It's nice to explore new places, but it's also fun to return to favorite haunts.

Dorothy Adair Hogan

The house was a wedding gift (shh, don't tell the kids about this extravagant gifting!) to Dorothy Adair Hogan.   She and her husband were famous for entertaining high society - presidential hopefuls, actors, Supreme Court Justices - you know, your average dinner guest types!   The Adair remained Dorothy's residence until her death in 1991 and became an inn the following year.  

Mrs. Adair's hat collection decorates the upstairs landing and many of the rooms.  The landing library is pretty sweet, too.

The house is all that you'd expect from an old, well -loved and preserved estate.

The hosts, Barry and Kimberly Hunter are the perfect blend of friendly, helpful, funny and not intrusive.   We felt welcome from the minute we entered the door.

The restaurant at the Adair is outstanding.  We had dinner and breakfast there.  Dinner was superb - I had the most delicious mushroom ragout over crisp polenta squares and was too busy enjoying it to take pictures!   Breakfast is my favorite, though, because of these:

Early morning coffee on the deck is the perfect spot to enjoy the misty morning.

And the grounds - 400 acres of beautiful trails and gardens.

 I get to travel with the Most Interesting Man in the World.  He doesn't always sit in gardens,but when he does...

I'm not a fan of spiders, but I'm fascinated by their webs.  I caught this one decorated with all that morning mist.

The Captain, consulting the map of the grounds.  Silly me  - I thought we should just follow the big red arrow !

Love the little fern's shadow.

Crazy melt-down averted - mission accomplished.


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