Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Journal

(I love this quote.  I cut it out of a book and forgot to note the author.)

Last year I used The Year of the Doodle as an art journal/planner and loved it.  This year I'm using this notebook from invite.L  .   I think it was less than $10.00, but it looks like it may be a discontinued item - too bad!  I think it was marketed as a notebook for note takers, but I couldn't pass up on the grids.

 I do plan to do something with the ink-smudged cover!

I love the grid layout  with the various sections - horizontal, vertical and small squares.   The pages are thin and won't take any amount of liquid medium.   I could have glued pages together to make them more substantial, but I needed all of them to make it through the year with a few extras for re-do in the event of serious bloopers.  So I didn't use anything water-based - only glue tape runners and pens and colored pencils.   See how flat is opens - another plus.

I'm using this as more of a mini-journal and to keep quotes that appeal to me, and  to use up some bits and pieces of stuff from my stash.  I'm also doing more doodling in this book - the small size isn't so intimidating!

There isn't any real plan going on here- sometimes I try for a color-coordinated theme, but mostly I just do what appeals to me in the moment.  As you can see,  each day has just a small space - another challenge.

Because the pages are so thin, some pens and stamped images will bleed through, so when I wanted a stamped image, I stamped on a scrap of paper and glued that on the page.

Sometimes I got lucky and both the left and right pages come out reasonable well!  

One thing I don't do is that no-holds barred journaling about personal stuff.  I wouldn't  feel comfortable having anyone else reading it.  Maybe because now and then I'm channeling this woman!
On the rare occasions I feel the need to dump it all somewhere, I camouflage it so no one can read it - like the blue-dot day below.

I love my little book with its chronicle of what Ive been doing.   Not every section or page is a masterpiece, but like life, I just turn the page, and there's a new blank page with the  opportunity to try again.

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