Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spectacular fall roses

I'm a big fan of flowering kale and especially of these spectacular kale roses. I've been hunting for them for years since seeing them in a great fall garden in western Massachusetts. I was wandering around the flower shop at Fresh Market the other day - they have amazing single stem flowers - and whooo-eee, came across these beauties! Here's a close-up of the roses with their variegated leaves and "petals".

I've done some researching on The Google and finally found that Harris Seed Company has the seeds for these beauties. I'm definitely going to try planting some this spring; I can already see a huge vase filled with these roses. The Captain grows roses ( I tell him that growing roses is the hobby of old men) and his roses are lovely, but think these kale ones can hold their own. Plus, they have the distinct advantage of making their appearance in the fall. No rose fragrance obviously, but a girl can't be greedy.

This is how the stems look - very long - about 18 inches and obviously the lower leaves have all been removed.

We found these several years ago in front of a cottage in St. Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick. These might be a dwarf version of the ones in my vase.

This fall appreciation program is really working!

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