Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roadside Bouquets

California daughter is home for Thanksgiving and today we went out looking for fall decorations. Not to fear - we only harvested from the woods - no lawn foliage was harmed in this adventure! Here she is gathering some bittersweet.
The bittersweet looks great near the kitchen door. I replaced the mums in the pots with flowering kale. Honestly, I do sweep the leaves off the deck, but the deck doesn't stay cleared very long.

This beauty is new to me - Euonymus europaeus or the easier to spell and pronounce common name - spindle. I may plant one of these for some fantastic fall color. It is available here. I'm not sure why it was growing in the bushes on the side of our road, but eagle-eyed daughter spotted in on her run and knew I'd be intrigued. The little green spiky things are wild cucumbers from the farmer's market that I've had since July and they're still perfect.

Added some small branches with red berries to the bittersweet in this vase. The white beans keep the stems from flopping all over. Here's to free bouquets!

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