Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bit by the New Year Reorganizing Bug

All of my online art groups are talking about ways to store all the stuff we accumulate. I like to be able to see as much of my stash as possible, have it reasonably accessible and have storage that is what The Captain claims to be - both decorative and useful. I decided to use my vintage window frame to store and display some of my wood mounted stamps. I love being able to see them and may rotate others through the installation.

The windows in my studio have been bare since I moved in. I'm not a fan of fussy curtains, but even by my standards, these windows looked forlorn. Curtain rods from the thrift store + ribbon = instant window treatments. Again, like having the ribbon out where I can see it and hopefully be inspired to use it.

Boston Daughter found this great shelf unit and I love it. I hung it on the wall and now have a place to show off some great vintage finds.

I found this jewelry organizer at Michael's for 40% off. It has all these pockets on both sides, so lots of storage for all those little doo-dads that I had jammed into another box. No more annoying digging through the box trying to locate on tiny item!
All this organizing made me realize that not only do I love creating something with my stuff, I also just love my stuff. Now that I can see it all, I also realize I am Queen of Quite a Lot. The Queen needs to get busy making things!


  1. Your ribbon window is such a fun idea. You'll easily be able to change the look. I have that Michael's jewelry holder also. Love it! All my DI's are stored in it so I can easily grab the color I want.

  2. Hello Deb,
    Nice vintage window to display your mounted stamps.
    The ribbons on the window are the most inspiring : easy accessible and nice to see !

    greetings from belgium

  3. Love the organizer on the door - perfect!! And the window to put your stamps is very cool too! With a view like you have, no wonder you don't like curtains, the ribbons are a great alternative! And they would be easy to change for the seasons, too.

  4. I love the hanging container Boston Daughter found - just perfect for bottles etc. RE the stamp storage - had to smile... I doubt even a quarter of my collection would fit (although I love the idea). Maybe it's possible to rig more shelves inside? Keep it up and show us more - your studio really has character!

    Happy PS and thanks for visiting.

  5. great ideas! I am off to Michaels now! Thanks

  6. @Sandi M

    Ohh, storing DIs - I may be making another trip to Michael's!


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