Sunday, June 12, 2011


 I made this page for last year's family calendar, not expecting that we'd have some hens of our own.  The Captain has talked about getting chickens, but I was most certainly not interested.  I knew a family that had an egg business, which meant they really had a chicken business.  All I remember was the pungent odor  stench and being pecked by some aggressive old biddies.  No chickens for me!  But our local farmers' markets have beautiful blue eggs which I happily buy at over $5.00 a dozen.  So it came about that I agreed to have a few chickens, but only if they laid those lovely blue/green eggs and did not wander all over the lawn. 

 The Captain and our son built this chicken ark out of scrap lumber and chicken wire, then painted it with a mixture of all the off-white/yellow paint dibbles left over from other projects.  There was some pressure to get this done - our granddaughter is coming to visit next month and she is expecting chickens!!

 We found three chickens on Craigslist - two Aracaunas that lay those lovely blue/green eggs and one Polish hen that lays smaller brown eggs.  That's the Polish hen above - we named her Lady Gaga for obvious reasons!  The Aracaunas are Thelma and Louise.  Here's a picture of what those ladies look like because for some reason I don't have a picture of our pair.

 We got our birds last Wednesday and as of this morning and they have settled in nicely.  (Well, there was that one instance of Lady Gaga literally flying the coop ark and wandering about the lawn as pictured above).   We're learning all kinds of things.  I Googled "the best chicken feed" and went to the local feed store where the clerk was less than amused by being asked if the chicken feed had any other whole grains besides corn!  Really, does she just think handing over a bag of nuggets with no label, no information is going to satisfy the Queen of Researching Information on "the Google"??  We're going to find the organic version - geesh, even our cat food lists all the nutritional information in great detail! 

The hens have been very busy.    Seven eggs in less than four days - not bad for "stressed" chickens!   

The color of the inside of the shells is so pretty!

Bright yellow yolks, super-fresh from the ark to our  breakfast!  Eggs from the Aracuana hens have a slightly higher cholesterol content than most eggs because of their higher ratio of yolk to white.  Since we don't really eat that many eggs, I'm not concerned and think the freshness and better quality feed will still make them better for us than commercially farmed ones.  We already have people asking for blue eggs, so I don't expect us to go over our "eggs only on the weekend"  rule.

Just a thought - never say never.  Here I am with chickens in my back yard.  What next?

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