Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking the Line with Garden Ornaments

I've always been skeptical about garden ornaments.   Maybe I've  seen too many florescent whirlies,  plywood cut-outs showing  gardening grannies' underwear  and {gasp},  the garden g-nome!  Then there's the "no sucess like excess" approach of a neighbor - at last count there were 47 "decorations" in one small garden.

It's a slippery slope - too many doo-dads, or tacky doo-dads and POOF- you're in line with the crazy cat-ladies, and your once -lovely garden looks like sale-day at Big Lots.  But I went on a pocket garden tour recently and was struck by how the creative use of interesting ornaments really punched up the garden's impact.  I loved the use of "found" stuff - parts of old machinery,  little piles of glass or pottery,  beautiful ceramics (although even tasteful little statues of bunnies seem perilously close to going over the edge- just my opinion)!

I looked around my gardens and decided to embrace the decoration:

Terra cotta AND numbers - what's not to love?

My tea-cup garden.  I saw something similar in a garden last year and made my version using old stair spindles and thrift-store cups.
 These are all pieces from a broken  cast-iron chiminea.

Terrarium, minus the glass sides
A final word about the gnome .  When your two-year old granddaughter gives you a little-bitty gnome, you put in where you can see it every day and everytime you see it you smile!


  1. Amazing stone ornaments.If you utilize your stone with creativity then your garden look so beautiful.Thanks to the writer for this amazing post.

  2. @maria

    Thanks for stopping by, Maria!


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