Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Presentation is Everything

Rachel Meeks, of Small Notebook for a Simple Home , recently posted this picture under the heading "perception" and asked her readers what they saw first in looking at this picture.  Many saw the fruit, others the nice arrangement of wine, books and food, but many, me included, saw the mismatched plastic and wondered why anyone would go to the trouble of arranging a lovely tray using odds and ends of plastic containers. 

Rachel's point, and I agree, was that things don't have to be perfect to be lovely.    I think making this tray perfect  doesn't mean it has to be expensive, perfectly matched and in pristine condition - it means putting in the effort to bring  beauty into what we do everyday.  Think how much nicer this tray would look with even mismatched china or pottery - hey, I'm even good with a chip or two -  replacing plastic containers.  Honestly, I can't imagine going to all the work of carefully arranging this tray and thinking that containers great for holding last night's leftovers would be just the thing!

So, look what I found wandering around our local farmer's market today.  The owner of this stand understands that presentation is everything.  When I asked him if it was OK to take pictures, he said, " You wouldn't believe how many people take pictures here".  Of course they do - it's just lovely!    I don't think it took much more time to set up than the stand next to his - the one featuring vegetables dumped into bright orange laundry baskets!

 Love  this huge metal bowl.

 Assorted baskets make great containers.

The broccoli looks like a flower arrangement in this little basket.

Attention to detail can make all the difference - slate sign, carefully printed in peach-colored chalk!

Tongue in Cheek's Corey Amaro said it best in her posting today" "Snippets of beauty  in ordinary places is a key to my happiness".   And mine.

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  1. Love these photos - we'll have to go to the Santa Monica Wednesday farmer's market when you visit next month! And I'm completely with you: presentation is everything!


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