Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shelf Love

We just repainted the kitchen/dining room/upstairs hall.  We took out a useless cupboard and I decided to replace it with some shelves.  I thought about just 3 separate shelves, but then found this little beauty at one of my favorite spots for finding vintage goodies - Flukes and Finds in Newburyport, Massachusetts. 

I want to keep the kitchen light, so the black had to go. The gold trim didn't do it for me either.  I also thought about taking off the back to open it up more, but was afraid that removing the back might make the little unit unstable.  So, I decided to spray paint it white and thought I could just spray the fabric back and all would be fine.  Let me tell you that spray painting old fabric is a BAD idea - every little thread and pill (that were not that obvious to start with) became "frosted" once the spray paint hit them. 

Initiate Plan B - pull off the fabric carefully without removing the back and then spray it again.  I assumed the backing was plywood.  But, look what I found:

A mirror!   Sweet!  A mirror with some spots and a few scratches; the kind of mirror that makes a shabby chic-ster go weak in the knees.  My little shelf came with a bonus!

Lots of digging out little threads, some serious sanding, more white spray paint and then some sanding to shabby it  up a bit and my shelf fits in perfectly in its new home.

Love my new mirrored display space.  Bow to the power of spray paint and mirror magic! 

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