Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick and Easy Stamped Coasters

The Captain's office staff makes his job easier, so I like to bribe them show my appreciation by making something for them.  This year I was stumped ; I've made notebooks, tags, ornaments - now what?  Coasters!  Quick, easy and useful - what's not to like?

I use these unglazed tiles from Home Depot.  They come 9 to a pack and cost about 65 cents a tile.

First, wipe off the stone dust with a damp paper towel and allow to dry completely.  Here they are all wiped down and drying.

Then, stamp onto tile.  I use StazOn black ink for the main image and red for a spot of color.  Since the tiles are natural stone the surface is uneven, so images with clean lines and not much detail seem to work best.  The exception is an all-over script stamp - since we're going for design, not legibility, it works!    For some reason I had problems with the black ink on my clear stamps.  Red rubber ones inked fine with the black StazOn (a brand-new pad), but the clear ones didn't.   No problem with the red StazOn - anyone have any ideas? 

You need to use a fair amount of pressure to stamp the uneven surface.  Sometimes it works easier to place the tile on the stamp instead of stamping onto the tile.  I suggest buying a few extra tiles for the occasional "oops".  Actually, some of those "oops" can be fixed by a strategically placed accent image! 

Here's are the tiles all stamped.

Next some feet to protect furniture.  I cut little squares out of sticky-back felt.  I have used small felt furniture pad circles, but they are a bit too fat .  The sticky-back felt is much thinner and the coasters don't look like they're perched on stilts!

Then a couple of light sprays of clear acrylic to protect the stamped image and coasters are done.

A few of the stamped designs:

Happy Stamping!


  1. WOW! what a great idea for economical but beautiful and useful gifts!

  2. Way too cute. I think you're my new Martha!

  3. These are wonderful! I've made them by adhering photos to the front and sealing.. never stamped on them. I will have to give this a try. Great post!

  4. @Barb

    Thanks, Barb! Economical, beautiful, useful - can't beat that for a gift.

  5. @Anonymous

    I'm humbled as I bow before the Godess Martha!

  6. @Linda

    Good idea, Linda. I've glued on small images but never photos. May have to give that idea a go. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. the tiles are wonderful Deb
    they are gorgeous and also useful
    perfect gift

  8. @Lillian Mederak

    Thanks, Lillian! I checked out your blog - I've lurked there before. Love your new ATCs!


  9. Love these! Another project to tackle next year. Thanks.

  10. @Lynda

    thanks, Lynda! sounds like your to-do list for next year is growing along with mine! I still have to finish calendars....


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