Monday, December 5, 2011

Trot Trot to Boston

Yesterday was bright, sunny and relatively balmy (by New England standards), so The Captain and I headed to Boston for some holiday shopping and gawking.  We live only an hour away, making a trip to the city a fun and easy day trip.
Newbury Street is the best for window shopping, treat buying and people watching. And now that Anthropologie moved there, it is complete, although I do miss the massive wooden doors on their store on Boylston!


Hundreds of vintage sewing machines - each one beautiful!

Vintage - inspired hat shop.  The Captain made a "surprise" gift purchase here!

Lunch at The Met Bar.  Love the little pan of fries!  Details, details, it's always in the details!

And speaking of details, love this idea of an open weave drum shade around the chandelier.  Tones down the foufou- ness of the gold fixture and diffuses the light - beautiful!

A few more fun window displays:

And some "I don't care that I'm acting like a tourist" shots:
Enjoy your holiday shopping!

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