Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thrifted Finds

I'm seeing that word all over blog land - "thrifted".  I'm not usually a fan of made-up words or turning adjectives/nouns into verbs, but it's grown on me as it's much easier to say "thrifted finds" than  "things I found at the thrift store". ( This may be the slippery slope into total language decay, but I digress).

Don't you just love finding treasures at thrift stores?  Here are some of my recent scores.

Two pairs of new Gap pants and a new Liz Claiborne sweater : $15.00

Four sweet little cache pots from Williams Sonoma.  These will be replacing my plastic yogurt cups for mixing paints.  I like using less plastic, even the recycled kind.  Plus these are so much prettier.

Sweet tea set!  I really wanted if for the cups that will fit under my espresso maker, but the teapot is a nice extra.

And this week's super-find - drum roll, please:

Thirty-six pieces of Roger Williams silver in pristine condition: $6.00!  Check out the sweet butter knives!

Have you found any treasures lately?


  1. I have the sweetest little vintage/thrift shop down the street from my work. My recent finds include a Banana Republic sweater and some (more) vintage hostess sets. There was a faaaabbbulous vintage mirror but I paused to think and somebody snapped it right up!

  2. This Confetti Life - Oh, a thrift store so close is both wonderful and dangerous! Sorry about the missed mirror - I'm still in mourning for a map table I let slip by.... Deb


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