Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brimfield Antique Market

California Daughter and I went to the Brimfield Antique Market, accompanied by our trusty driver/hauler/parking attendant, AKA The Captain.  Brimfield is one of the oldest antique flea markets in the country, started in 1959 by the Reid family.  There are several shows a year, each spread out over nearly a mile of fields and with over 5000 vendors and thousands of shoppers- including Martha! 

The show is not for the faint of heart.  Large crowds of (mostly) women on a mission, lots of traffic, hot, dusty fields, but who can resist the possibility of finding a special treasure?  It's a combination of high-end antiques meets  "who on earth do they think would buy that ?"  When I told California Daughter that I really liked the vendors with organized, specific category inventory, she announced, "yes, some of this is like antique throw-up"!

Check out a smattering of the wonderful stuff we saw.  Some of these would make great art backgrounds - feel free to right click to enlarge, then "save as", but please share your creations and link back here!

Love this vintage seaside kid's puzzle and should have bought it!

Believe it or not, these lovely glass bottles were for motor oil! 

A still life - California Daughter with Chair!

These are for Boston Daughter - the porcelain figurines from the Red Rose tea boxes.  These are NOT vintage, still in every box I buy and we laugh every time we see them at tag sales!

Here they are, more artfully arranged, but still don't get it!

Precursor to the cubicle - a self-contained gorgeous folding desk.

CD carting out one of my finds.

So what did I buy?  Not much, but a few fun treasures:

 Some "instant relative" pictures.

I'm in a fleur de lis phase and love this finial.

More fleur de lis  for the garden.

Some sweet little clock faces and a rusty key.

If you're in the Northeast, Brimfield is a must-see!  Remember sunscreen, a hat, something or someone to carry all your loot, water, and comfy shoes that can take a beating in dusty fields!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your trip to Brimfield with me today. Two of my daughters and I have made the trip the last May shows. It's a wonderful way to spend a girls' week out. And oh so different for a bunch of ladies from Texas.




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