Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August in My Gardens

When we bought our house there wasn't much going on in the garden department - a tangle of day lilies, two rhododendrons clearly added for the open house, and several randomly plopped hostas.  Lots of potential, though and we've been working to add garden spaces wherever we can. 

This year some of the gardens are beginning to approach that coveted "mature planting" status.  Here are some shots  around our yard:

Our hydrangeas are finally taking off.

Coneflowers (echinacia) are among my favorites. 

I love that this little teapot's feet are swinging in the breeze.

One of our local markets had stems of this plant - gooseneck loosestrife (or Lysimachia clethroides for the experts) for sale for $3.00/ stem.  Maybe I should set up a stand in the driveway. 

Container gardening counts, too!  Love this Picasso in Pink petunia.

Sweet potato vine, hens and chickens (sempervivum) and one of many bowls of beach stones.

A fellow blogger recently commented that she hadn't had time to do anything creative as she was busy in her garden.  Creativity isn't limited to paper, paint, and ink - anything that makes life more beautiful is creative.  Turning empty spaces into spots of beauty is definitely creative - and lots of work!


  1. I'm the opposite of your friend - I've got no time to have a beautiful garden, as I'm busy being creative inside. Maybe when the temp dips below 109?? :)

    1. Rebecca - as the kids say, it's all good - inside or out!
      Thank for stopping by.

  2. Sometimes I think a container garden is a great way to go - for those of us with less than happy (to be kneeling) knees, much less a lack of a green thumb.

    It's a way to enjoy the relaxation of planting, to cultivate a bit without too much investment, and to enjoy those blooms when they finally pop up.

    Love the look of the wildflower gardens in these pictures. I much prefer it to the more manicured (formal) look.

    1. These knees don't do much kneeling, either!

      I find those carefully manicured gardens unsettling - good thing because I don't have the talent or time to make that happen here!

      Containers are fun - a mini art canvas.


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