Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New York Times Style Magazine


I love The Style Magazine, but not because I live in the world of high fashion; I inhabit a much lower plane.  The magazine is fun eye-candy and I like wondering about who actually wears  the sometimes totally out-there fashions. The truth is, I  mostly study it for images I could glue onto paper.  Kind of sad, but I'm good with it.

I got to thinking about how to describe my fashion style.  First, "style" might be stretching things.  I finally settled on "love-child of Annie Hall and Ralph Lauren, conceived in a thrift store".  My wardrobe prominently features thrifted items and the occasional splurge purchase.

I do have some standards.  There are things I never wear; they just don't work for me and if they work for you, I'm not judging!  Here's my never -ever list:
     * Sweatpants
     * Sweatshirts (the pullover kind).  I make exception to the occasional zip hoodie if it has some     panache, like this one I snagged last week at a  thrift store.  It's really a light sage green with black swirls.

     * Tee shirts (or anything else)  with animals, cartoon characters, logos or other commentary
     * Denim skirts
     * Crocs - I do have a pair that my friend SRC gave me.  She loves them; I'm only able to wear them as far as the driveway and then only if I can't find anything else.

What I do wear:
     * V-neck knit shirts - black or white and with sleeves
     * Fun print skirts
     * Jeans
     * Scarves
     * White button-up shirts
     * Fitted jackets
     *  Black pants
     * Sweaters - mostly solid
     * Dresses - solid, knee length

So you can see what these outfits from this week's Style Magazine just don't do it for me:

  The bags are keepers,  but the rest is hopefully just for fun.

I get that these three pieces are all the same color family- the rule for mixing prints,  I'm told - but OY, can we talk?  Maybe the boots, under jeans, once, just for fun.  But the jacket ?  What happens when you lift your arms? And the asymetrical wrap shirt - seems like just one deep breath and you're into over-sharing.   You can see why I'm not a fashion icon; I have no idea how to move in this outfit.

Somehow The Captain didn't think this was the outfit for him.  Pretty sure he struggled with the jacket, but then I've never seen him in orange socks and red shoelaces either.
Now onto something I  know how to use.  Check out this image of an old photo strip- perfect for some collage:

Love this fish with the crown:

And this colorful birdie is part of a collage I'm working on for my class:

Eye -candy AND collage material all in one magazine.  Works for me.

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