Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spray Paint Distressed Frames

Count on Centsational Girl  to come up with this technique.  I love the ease of using spray paint, but sometimes not the total coverage look.  I had an idea for some frames that I wanted to distress and tried out this great technique.

First, rub plain candle wax over areas you'd like to highlight/distress.  Be sure to brush off any stray bits of wax that land where you don't want them, like the piece you see on the lower right.  Don't worry about getting the wax into every little crevice - we're going for distressed here, not perfect .

I used this paint on  these little guys  - have you  tried it yet?  I'm in love - hard, smooth, shiny finish - no bumps, no drips- just a wonderful professional- looking finish.

Once the paint is really dry, rub off the wax.  I used an old towel, wrapped around my finger and gently rubbed off the paint on areas I had waxed.  You can find  the waxed areas along the flat surfaces by gently running your finger over the frame - the waxed areas aren't smooth.   I was nervous about  rubbing off  the paint,  afraid I'd scrub it all off, but, but the paint stuck tight everywhere except over the wax.  Pretty cool, huh?
Waxed over textured elements and sprayed these with plain flat white spray paint.  Scrubbed over them with the towel and again, only paint that came off was areas that had the was treatment.  Yippee!
Flat white spray paint over wax

Paint rubbed off spots that got wax treatment.
Spray paint + wax = instant vintage love.

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