Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Journal page for New Year's Day. 

Sharing some smart thoughts on the new year from fellow bloggers. So many resolutions focus on what we should stop doing.  I like switching the tape in my head to what I can do with this brandie new year and these bloggers have done just that.

From Toad at To The Manner Born :     Work this year to enjoy yourself more.

From the talented Jane Lafazio who asked her readers for their word for 2013 and then created this:

 Lynda at Bloom, Bake and Create decided to take Ann Curry's 26 Acts of Kindness to another level and make it 52 acts of kindness in 2013. 

Happy New Year and another chance to get it right while being kind to ourselves and others.


  1. Deb, just read your post on 'A Femme...' about Judy Dench and I have an anecdote I thought you might like. I live quite near Judy Dench and one day saw her. It was at a local farm where a big Halloween event is held. We went into the cafe and she was there with her daughter and grandchildren.

    As her daughter and grandchild went to enjoy the event, Judy ate french fries, feeding one or two to her little dog who sat under the table. She looks JUST the same as on the screen. There were two people asked for her autograh and she signed them with grace, smiles and a few words.

    I am a huge fan.

  2. Maureen-I emailed you as soon as I saw this. I'm such a Judy Dench fan and your anecdote supports my idea that she's not only talented and beautiful, but a good person as well. That she eats French fries is public just seals the deal!
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing this story.

    happy New Year.


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