Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Fantasy


It's no secret that I struggle with the whole fall thing- you know I've gone on about it here before.  This year I'm making an effort to appreciate the colors - not just the gorgeous fall leaves, but the grasses, marshes and berries.  I've been taking some pictures as I drive around as part of my fall appreciation program.  I pretend I'm a tourist - it helps me see things I usually overlook and appreciate the little details I like to focus on when in real tourist mode.

I made some fall leaves in my journal, based on a technique by Renee Zarate in the April/May/June issue of Stamper's Sampler.  She made some gorgeous cards using water soluble crayons as stamping medium.

I started by painting a rough Gesso rectangle on my journal pages.   Then I scribbled water - soluble crayons on a craft sheet:

and spritzed the scribbling with water. (Somehow the green looks really blue here).

Stamp into the watery crayon:

I love the water color look from this technique!

I think this technique works best with bold stamp images as any detail quickly gets lost in the watery color mixture.  I'm going to try making a wood-cut style stamp and stamp with that next.

Happy fall!  Happy coloring!


  1. I just love, love, love the photos. We do not have the glory of fall here in sunny Florida. (Our fall is subtle and you have to live here many years before you can see it...tee hee). I also love what you did with the leaves and paint...you are so talented.

    1. Thanks, Sunshine. No fall glory in southern Florida, but also no snow, ice, sub-zero temps or months of grey!!!


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