Monday, January 13, 2014

Collaged Carry-On

Remember this calendar page?   What happens when a calendar page and a carry-on have a baby?  This is what happens:

How cool is this?   I've been looking for a new carry-on, something not-black, maybe a print.  I couldn't find any print I liked and that wouldn't send The Captain running out of the airport.  I almost bought a pretty cool text-printed carry-on, but just as I got to the register I realized the flowing script said "Brittany Spears" over and over and over.   Not my style, no offense to Ms Spears. 

 I stumbled on My Fly Bag customizable luggage.  Pretty simple - upload a photo and voila, a personalized bag that won't ever be mistaken for any one else's bag.  That and it has a whole lot more pizazz than all those black bags.

Add a tag with the same image:

Yippee - I'll be testing this out later this month when we head to Las Vegas.   Wonder if my carry-on will be the classiest thing we see.

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