Thursday, September 18, 2014

Give Me Coffee and No One Gets Hurt (Updated)

OK, I know there are real problems in this world.  Serious problems - wars, disease, poverty and such.    But when you're a coffee addict and your supply is compromised, this presents a serious, all-consuming local problem.  I wasn't really out of coffee, just out of my fancy-schmancy Nespresso coffee.

This is our marvelous coffee maker,  a gift from Texas Daughter.   Our morning coffee took a serious step up!   

And some of the espresso pods:

All was well for a bit over a year, then Mr. Nespresso started acting out.,  deciding that about two tablespoons of water per cup was enough.   I tried unsuccessfully to  reset it  on my own,  so I called Nespresso Customer Service.

Wow, do these people  take customer service seriously.  First the rep walked me through several attempts to reset my machine.  When that didn't work, she arranged to have me send my machine in for service - extending the warranty that had run out a few days earlier so there was no cost for repairs.

Get this - she even asked if I wanted them to send out a loaner machine  (no charge) while mine was being repaired!  A loaner ?  Free?  And free shipping back when I got my own one back?   Really, this  was too much!

A few days after our call I received a box with a pre-paid postage label and packed up my BFF and sent it off.   Five days later I got my machine back, cured of its timing problem.   

Now this is what I've been missing:

This is straight espresso, no milk, just a thick layer of crema on top of dark espresso goodness.

But there's more - there is a magic milk frother!   

Add milk, push the button, and a few seconds later the frother is full of thick foamed milk.

Now I have my coffee that's as beautiful as it is delicious.

And best of all, sometimes The Captain brings a cup of this goodness to me in bed!

Delicious coffee, thick frothed milk and phenomenal customer service - what more could you ask for?   Well, how about George Clooney?

Disclaimer:  Unlike Mr. Clooney, I am not a paid spokesperson for Nespresso.  

UPDATE:  I found a local kitchen store that is a collection site for used Nespresso pods and ships them out for recycling.  YIPPEE - feel slightly less guilty about single-use pods.


  1. What! That's some of the best customer service I've ever heard of. I can't believe they sent you a 'loaner' machine!! They must know coffee is serious business lol. Mitch & I have been on the hunt for a coffee maker. I like the idea of a Keurig but I hate the idea of plastic pods and lots of waste. Are those pods plastic? They kind of look like steel in the photo

  2. The pods are metal - not sure exactly what, but some kind of brushed metal. I did some investigating into Nespresso's recycling program and it turns out there is a drop-off place not far from us. Thanks for prodding me to do the right thing! There are some off-brand plastic pods that fit Nespresso, but I haven't found them to be very good and I don't like the idea of plastic coffee pods either.

    I agree - customer service above and beyond!


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