Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3rd Annual Turning Coins Into Art Supplies

Time to turn in the year's accumulation of coins.  I consider this my "mad money",  ear-marked for art supplies.  It's not like I don't buy plenty of stuff throughout the year, but cashing in my coins has turned into an annual birthday - month event.  It feels more celebratory than just whipping out the plastic.

I could sort all these coins into those little paper tubes, but I don't.   Coin Star is so much easier, plus there is the added fun of dumping the coins into the slot and watching the total add up.

Amazing - over one thousand coins and nearly one hundred dollars - sweet!

I always spend my mad-money at Absolutely Everything In Topsfield,  Massachusetts.  Honestly, they do have absolutely everything in the store.   I go with a list and they always have what I want and  lots of things I didn't even know I wanted.   Don't  get me wrong; I am a regular at Michael's and Joanne's , but we all know they can't carry every brand and product for paper arts since for some reason they also have other non- artsy departments to stock!   (We don't have any independent art stores nearby or I'd be shopping there as well).

So here is my haul:

I'm anxious to try the Dylusions Sprays .  Notice the new Distress Stain spray on the top right .  I know some people have tried dumping the stain into a mister to make the spray.    I popped the top off one and painted with the stain- don't believe what you read that it's impossible to get the top off!  But I did want to try the spray and it came with two free stains, so how could I pass up such a deal?   I'm hoping to use the Tim Holtz elastics as journal closures- stay tuned.

I love the Time Holtz architecture-style designs.  These little ones are just the right size for tags.  Don't you just love the TH dots stencil?

I've never used sticky back canvas and am excited to give it a try.

I stumbled onto this wall in the AE classroom - beautiful artwork by some of the talented artists who've taught classes there:

A close-up of this gorgeous piece by the talented Fnnabair:

But wait; there's more - I signed up for a class at AE - The Artful Lettering Book Tour with Joanne Sharpe!  Holy guacamole!  I've drooled over her book, The Art of Whimsical Lettering.   Of course, I'm intimidated since I'm not sure I have any talent in lettering, whimsical or otherwise, but I'm hoping to learn some techniques to buff up my printing.   Whoopeee!

*** HaPpY BirThDaY to me***

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