Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Artsy Grands

One of the unadvertised benefits of having grandkids is that you get to do art projects together.  Siobhan is very artistic and loves getting into a project - the more glitter, glue, paint and equipment, the better.      Another benefit ?  Sanctioned art purchases -  I get to indulge my weakness for buying  art supplies and share them.   Her mom also keeps her art boxes well stocked so Siobhan plenty has of stuff to work with.

Here she is making a paper bag book.  This was her first embossing adventure - pretty excited to use the heat gun and see the magic of embossing.  A new convert is born.

Now some of her artwork:

Notecards made at school and printed into cards.

Choreographing the growth of plants, using ballet positions

A tote bag she painted with a doily stencil

And a melted crayon self-portrait

But wait, the little guy is also getting in on the action.   

William with good use of color and motion.

And sporting an artiste's 'stash.

Painting au naturel and en plein air with mom.  She keeps him well-supplied with paint and paper for his masterpieces.

 I framed one of his canvases.

These masterpieces will make great book backgrounds.

Total body smock as painting is messy business.

"Look, Mom!  We're making owls!"

Art play with grands is the best art play of all.

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