Monday, February 16, 2015

The Winter of My Discontent

{ image from Garden Rant blog}

There are some words I do not want to hear again - snowmageddon, blizzard, ice jams, gale, ice rake, and hurricane force gusty winds.    You may have heard that the Northeastern seacoast has been hammered with record-breaking snowfall.   What you may not have heard is that the natives are going N.U.T.S.  Or at least, this native is .  I am not a fan of a normal winter and  this craziness is off the charts.    The snow on our front yard is at least 4 feet deep, with drifts  over 6 feet.   I am beginning to understand why pioneers went bat-shit crazy during the winter.

The beginning of this mess - snowstorm Juno that deposited about 3 feet of snow.   No coffee on the deck for some time.  Although even I have to admit the deck table looks like a cake stand, topped by a fluffy white cake.    And I hate it.  

The same deck this week - table no longer visible.  Using Vivian Swift's champagne-o-meter method of measuring snow, you can begin to appreciate just how much of the *&**&% white stuff we have.

Our summer lobster roll spot is buried.

Icicles are the latest in outdoor home decoration.  And I am obsessed with them - Googling why they form and driving around to do icicle-spotting.  

The downside to all that ice and snowy roofs ?   One of our sky lights is leaking!  It could always be worse, of course - at least our roof hasn't caved in like some have.

Like most of our neighbors, we have an access tunnel into the house.  

Our driveway is about 2/3 of its usual width and we're now using the top as snow storage.

Next project is digging out the mailbox.  Thought The Captain's Valentine's Day gift got lost, but we found it once we were finally able to open the mailbox!

View from the front door - "view" being the gigantic snow pile.

Ditto the back deck.

And the front door.    

I'm trying to convince myself that this won't last forever, hence this planner page, although I do feel like the line from one of the Dr. Seuss books,  "I said those words; I said them, but I lied them."

There is a bright spot- we leave for Montana later this week, where there is no snow and the temps have reached 50 degrees.  How crazy is that?    And in March, a getaway to New Orleans, assuming we can get out of the driveway.      

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