Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Newly Discovered Endangered Species - the Mailbox

You may be tired of hearing about the brutal winter we've had here in the frozen tundra that is the Northeast.   We've had several feet of snow, most of it in February, and we are still trying to dig out .  Roofs are leaking or have collapsed,  backing out of the driveway is a death-sport, and roads are at about two-thirds their normal width.

And mailboxes - oh, lord, they have taken a beating.   Behold the sad state of local mailboxes:

Our sad box.  Two weeks ago it was firmly lodged in a snowbank, with only the black box visible and totally inaccessible.  Now the final blow -  a fatal snowplow injury.

Bashed box,  ripped from its base and minus the door,  doing the popular downward facing dog.

The double box is a popular look, first seen this season.  When the top box is out of reach and/or demolished, folks have been digging into the snow bank and cramming in an auxiliary box that maybe the mail delivery person can reach.

Another double-decker sighting.   Note the metal poles around the new box.  These folks are delusional if they think those flimsy poles are any match for the mighty plow .

This one is the new upward facing dog position.

No closure is pretty common, as it the leaning, leaning look.   These people have great faith in that puny stick and the rope lashing.

 At least the post is still standing.

Forget it - we've just given up.

And so have we.

The Post Office and mail carriers have been so patient with this situation.  Mail carriers do the full-body out the window to try and reach mailboxes.  The PO staff has been flooded with mail held because of buried, broken and missing boxes.   Expect to see an unusual spike in mailbox sales within the next month.

But it was 60 degrees today, birds are returning, and it is light until after 6 p.m.   Maybe there is hope, but not for the mailboxes - they are doomed.

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