Saturday, April 18, 2015

Early Spring Planting

Now that the snow has finally melted, the local nurseries are opening .  Somehow they send out plant-pheromones that force me to jump in the car and heed their call.

It's fun to dream about warmer weather and planting, but for now it's enough just to enjoy these:

I should have put a nickel next to these for size comparison - these little plugs aren't much bigger than that.

Almost every pot sported a warning about frost danger, so these succulents are indoors only for now.

Love this potting bench:

And these beautiful pots underneath it, although my latent OCD would force me to obey the planting description.   Herbs in the salad garden pot would be like wearing the underpants labelled Tuesday on a Friday - no can do.

Bumble bee pots - I may have to go back for one.

I did bring this blue beauty home with me.  Wouldn't one of those  green bumble -bee pots go nicely with it?

Since it is too early to put out anything but the most hardy of annuals (here in the frozen tundra of New Hampshire we most likely will have more frosty nights), this is the season of pansies.   Confession - I never was all that crazy about them, mainly because they don't do well once it gets hot.   It finally dawned on me that pansies are really just place fillers until we can plant something better.  I know there are some pansy-lovers out there who might disagree, but now I can plant some for instant color just when we need it and yank them out when something better  comes along.

Pots filled with yellow and purple pansies, alyssum, and creeping rosemary - instant spring.

OK, so pansies do have cute little faces.

Love the rosemary shadow!

While I love my blue planter, it pales in comparison to these fancy-schmancy Anduze planters from Provence.   Check out this blog post  from Have Some Decorum , but be prepared for some serious sticker-shock.  Ellie has two for sale for $2600 each.   They are lovely:

Check out serious planter eye- candy on her post:

Love  the provenance seal  and the green chippy paint on this one .

Hope you get to have some nursery love this weekend, too.

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