Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Envelope Bookmarks

  I don't have many real bookmarks,  except this priceless one DC son made for me years ago:

I have no problem tearing pages out of old books to use in art projects.  I think of it as giving new life to the pages, making something beautiful,  and it beats ending up in the dumpster.   But folding down the page as a bookmark ?  For all that is right and holy - NO!  This just makes me crazy - books  with creased corners are just not right.

When I start a new book the first thing I do is make sure I have something to use as a bookmark - the one above,  or something in one of my art magazines that catches my fancy, or a piece of ribbon .  It would N.E.V.E.R. occur to me to do this:

Bookmarks made from envelopes are all over Pinterest .   They are so easy to make.  You  just cut off the corners of the envelope ( the corners opposite the flap) and end up with  little diagonal pockets that fit over the corner of the book page to mark  your spot.  Pretty clever.  Of course, you could cut out a template and make these from scrapbook paper, but that's lots more work.  I'm all about the easy way.

Then the fun begins.  There are all kinds of ways to decorate these.    You could glue on some scrapbook paper,  color the corner,  add stickers - you get the idea, or go to Pinterest for a bazillion more.    I stamped and embossed these:

I love the look of white stamping on craft paper.   I stamped these with Versamark and then embossed with white embossing powder.  Isn't this Spice Market stamp from Hero Arts is just gorgeous?  Thank you for showcasing this stamp, Diana Trout.

I covered these with Washi tape.  I found that using a wider piece of tape in the very corner ensures that the back of the bookmark will also get full coverage.  The two ends of the tape fill it in nicely.

Montana Granddaughter is 7 and reading chapter books, so these are heading out to her.

So cute!

Now I have a stash of bookmarks near my books .  Warning : making these is addictive.  Envelopes are no longer safe!

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