Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Bits

The Captain has Thursdays off, and we often spend the day wandering around , checking out new places or revisiting old favorites.   Combine the wandering with a few real errands, and we can check something off the to-do list and feel productive!

 First stop - Applecrest Farm Orchards .  They recently built a new building for their farm store,  gussied up considerably from the old one and have up -scaled the displays as well.  Love the fancy new slate signs.   Who could resist these gorgeous colors?

Note the price PER OUNCE of these fancy mushrooms - pricey but yummy.

Then we checked out a local brewery, Earth Eagle Brewings.   It's a small, friendly spot with a great lunch menu.  

I 'm not a big beer drinker, but when in a brewery, best not to ask for wine!  I had the 'Merican Revolution, intrigued by the addition of Early Grey Tea.   

The beer was good, but the sandwich was fantastic - applewood smoked bacon, date spread and Manchego cheese all melted into gooey goodness.   

Love this sign in a storefront:

And a funny tee:

And for a palate-cleanser from the idea of a Trump presidency, this peaceful scene on the way home:

Have a great long weekend!

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