Saturday, December 5, 2015

Waterworks Cafe - A New Favorite Breakfast Spot

Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, and I love finding a new place.   Today we discovered Waterworks Cafe in the  Waumbec Mill building in Manchester, New Hampshire.   It was a textile mill, built in 1900 that made rayon,  called false silk back in the day.   Manchester has renovated many of its old textile mills, turning them into upscale office buildings, shops and restaurants.   I love old buildings that get a second life once their first job is done.

The floor is fantastic - cleaned up and refinished, but with lots of old nails holes and decades of hard wear.

This old mill has so many great architectural features.

  But we came here for breakfast and it did not disappoint!

Love the little votive holders with Christmas decorations.

Confession - we ordered what we thought was a side of sweet potato hash, but it turned out to be an entire third breakfast.  It was so good - sautéed sweet peppers, onions, spinach with cubed sweet potatoes and a hit of bacon.   We soldiered through - it was research, remember?

Omelet with asparagus, goat cheese and mushrooms - egg beaters to save calories for that hash!   The Captain's breakfast sandwich - egg, avocado, cheese, tomato - all so yummy.  And nice coffee mugs and great coffee - perfect.

Boston ivy grows all up the walls on so many old brick buildings.  The leaves are gone at this point, but the vines are full of bright blue berries.

Like most textiles built in the 1900s, the mill was built on a river to access water for powering machines.   There are some great views of the river from the Cafe.

Great food, good views and a great old building - we'll be back.

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