Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Egg Delivery, Thanks to the USPS

Pinterest is full of posts about what you can send in the mail, like those little boxes of Mike and Ikes, tote bags, and  plastic Easter eggs.   I'm working to up my mailing game, so  eggs are a good place to start.   

I found these big ( "UUUUGE!")  eggs at the Dollar Store.  Pretty sure you could mail smaller ones,  but probably not the tiny, real egg sized ones.    Then the fun -- filling them with Easter goodies.   Since these are going to Texas where it has already hit 80°,  I had to look for non-melty things.  Sadly that meant no chocolate goodies!

Sweet Baby James is a bit young for an overload of  candy, so he gets a chewy toy and a tiny board book, plus a couple of Peeps for fun.   I wrapped the book in a baggie just in case the Peeps melted in the heat!   Added some stamped chicks and grass to a tag and Egg #1 ready to go.

 Then I taped on the lid, using wide packing tape and going around it twice.

Second egg filled, taped and ready to go.  William got all candy- no book filler.

These carrot cards make a perfect and Easter-ish mailing label.  The back side is really a playing card - another Dollar Store find a few years ago.

I packed up my eggs and headed to the Post Office, wondering if I would be  laughed at and sent packing with my eggs.   Wrong!   The clerk didn't even hesitate,  telling me that people mail all sorts of things  - like coconuts from Hawaii to the folks back home.   All the clerks came over to check the eggs - my apologies to the guy in line behind me who clearly wasn't in the Easter spirit!   Our local Post Office is the best at humoring my crazy mailings.

Here's the egg, getting the official Post Office mailing label.     I do wonder why the dang thing has to be so big !   It cost about $4.50 to mail each egg - a bargain for this much fun and guaranteed delivery before Easter.  (This clerk is so fashionable - check out the glittery gold nails).

Success!  The eggs made it to Texas without cracking or coming apart!  Here they are hiding in the boys' mom's car until she can spirit them into the house without prying little eyes.

One more egg to do, but we get to deliver Montana grand's egg in person - yippee!

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