Sunday, May 15, 2016

DIY Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Big doings around here - DC son is getting married!  Lots of festivities in the works, including a bridal shower.   Soon-to-be Daughter - in- Law loves succulents and mason jars, so this idea for shower favors was a no-brainer.

Started out with these little jars from Hobby Lobby :

Then,  two coats of chalk paint.   The first coat of chalk paint always looks bad- streaky and spotty, but the second coat covers all of that.

I did a little sanding to highlight the raised designs on the jar .

Then the planting.  Here is the sink full of tiny succulents that I used.

I filled the jars about 2/3 full with cactus potting mix, then added a succulent and carefully filled in with more potting mix as needed.   Chalk paint has a matte, chalky finish giving it a wonderful vintage look,  but that super - matte finish means that dirt sticks to it and doesn't wipe off easily.  I tried not to smudge too much potting mix on the paint.

I had these fabric tags from the Michael's in my stash.  I tried stamping  Future DIL's initial on them,  but found that writing the letter with a medium point Sharpie worked best.

Wrapped some twine around the jars, tied on the tags and the sweet little jars are done.

 Here they are on display at the shower:

And en route home to DC:


  1. They WERE very sweet, & Katie loved them!

    1. Thanks! It was fun to make them for her.


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