Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dandelion Paper Towel Roll Flowers

I came across this video on Maremi Small Art.  Marta Lapkowska uses toilet paper tubes (or as my sister used to say to class it up a bit, "toilette paper") to make amazing abstract dandelions.   Check out her video for set-by-step instructions.

It's pretty simple- cut into the paper roll to make the petals:

I used a paper towel roll and sliced it open so I could  make a smaller flower.  I cut the roll in thirds, and taped the tubes back together- one the original size, rolled the tube to make a smaller diameter one,  and the third smaller yet.  Tape the tube together, flatten out the petals. and you're really to stamp.

You can see the difference in the diameter of the flowers here.  

Spread out some acrylic paint on a craft mat - first I used three different shades of blue .  Smooch the roll around in the paint and then pounce it  onto your paper.  It takes a few times and a few twirls to get some good coverage - we're not going for perfection here - just some abstract dandelion-ish flowers.   I started with the lightest blue and ended with the darkest color.

I did a few test runs - one on a craft lunch bag with blues and another on white with yellow and green.  

Really like this yellow, green, and black combo !

I wasn't sure how to finish the center of the flowers and then remembered my trusty Dollar Store silicone brush - perfect for making center dots!

I made an easy journal page with this technique - added some text tape stems and black and green acrylic paint splatters.   Some fibers I found at an estate sale were perfect for the grassy bottom - a spring-themed stamp, and DONE.

Thanks for sharing this fun technique, Marta!

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