Monday, February 1, 2010

I have a big girl phone!

This weekend I picked up my Christmas gift from the Captain, a Blackberry Tour. This phone is a serious upgrade from my old phone, a little flip job that, get this , also TOOK PICTURES !! In change management theory, people who are not afraid of change and embrace new ideas,technologies and science in their personal lives and work are called "early adaptors". People resistant to change are the "laggards". Does that describe me? I am always well behind popular trends - technology, fashion, cars and even art trends.

Case in point - there is this lovely pear stamp with text that was wildly popular in the 90s. Did I have it then? Of course not. A few months ago I decided that I couldn't live without that stamp and had to track it down on EBay, no doubt sold by someone jumping on the current "it" stamp. I've resisted the current (although somewhat waning) trend to add dunce caps and wings to all people and animal images. (I am beginning to warm to the wings thing, but the dunce cap toppers just don't do it for me). I love this pear stamp, even though - perhaps because- it is out of style!
I love my Blackberry, or at this point, the idea of my Blackberry as I still don't know how most of it works. I'm off to watch a tutorial so I can learn skills mastered by every 12 year old in the free world!

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