Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turning pennies into goodies!

There is a new challenge at NGS - alter a container, collect loose change in it, and at the end of 2010, spend that $ on art supplies. To make a fresh start, I rounded up all the loose change lying around the house - can't start a 2010 money box with pre-2010 money! I turned this:

into this at my favorite stamp store, Absolutely Everything:

I got some things I've wanted to try out - grunge paper, perfect pearls, an ATC frame, and of course, STAMPS! AE is so amazing - and they indeed have absolutely everything !

So, now with all of the spare change jars empty, ready to take on the challenge of altering a container to store the new stash of money. My son-in-law's family calls these containers for mad money "foxy pockets" - WHAT??? My daughter and I roll our eyes whenever we hear this - seems a bit risque, like stashing away money for the kind of purchases that get you into the local paper's police log! Even funnier is that my SIL's family are salt-of-the -earth types, not likely to be involved in sketchy business of any kind.

But I digress; back to the challenge. I started with a tube from those vinyl wall sayings. Another challenge at NGS is the Julia Andrus' book study, starting with luminous paste paper. Since I was down to just a few sad colors of pearlex, I wasn't crazy about the colors I got, but liked the texture. I laid a piece of black paper over the paste and made a "copy" - much better! I used that piece to cover the bottom of the tube. I had a huge bag of plastic silver buttons from my friend, Shiela - neither of us could figure out what to do with them! The "bling" seemed perfect for this project. I added an image of a vintage beauty and a quote. Used sequin waste to stencil the top and my mad-money bank is ready! This is way more tricked-out than my usual style, but fun!

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