Monday, January 25, 2010

Tag Class!

Checked off one of my New Year Resolutions - attend paper arts class. This weekend I went to a class based on 3 of Tim Holtz's 2009 Christmas tags. His tags are gorgeous and more involved than most house renovations!! For example, the flower on the tag below over 20 steps. I have tried a few on my own and love the was he keeps layering and adding - I do believe his motto should be, "There's no success like excess".

The class was fun. Being me, I was worried that I'd be way out of my league, but that was not the case. I was able to keep up and enjoyed it - in fact, I may be adding "taking classes" to my list of paper-related addictions.

The first tag we made was by far the most complicated as it involved that multi-step flower! It is amazing - take 3 flat paper 6 petal flower shapes, color, cut,bend,twist, clip,glue and stickle - may I present "the rose"! Frankly, it's not something I'm not likely to make very often as it was a production and they do sell lovely flowers, already put together. But, then again, the instructor told about one she made with text stamped onto the flowers before assembly - hmm, anything stamped with text is intriguing and I may give that a whirl. We also made the gold trim, using a paper punch on white card stock, then embossing with gold - this is a technique I'll definitely be using. Of course, it means I need to buy a punch.

The background on this tag is a great technique - stamp the flourish with acrylic paint (add gold paint dauber to wish-list), heat set and then rub tag with distress inks - fast and fantastic! The circle embellishments are easy and I may try them with the wonderful watch- glass pieces from my friend, Shiela. Again the gold trim made with a punch and gold embossing powder - beautiful!

Love this background technique as well - smoosh alcohol inks on craft sheet, spritz with water and lay tag onto sheet - it picks up the inks with wonderful dribbles and splotches. Add some text stamping, flourishes and a cut-out butterfly (I do have a thing about butterflies, finding them a bit creepy, but tried not to create a scene in the class over it)! Because this is Tim's style, add glittered flourishes, words, leaves - he does not believe in the "less is more" approach!

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  1. Great job on the tags Deb; they turned out great. I agree with you about the rose, as I made a couple but found them a bit time consuming so don't think it would be something I would make very often.


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