Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm lucky to have a few very wonderful friends. These friends don't live close to me (although I really wish they did) so I don't get to see them nearly enough. But, when we do get together, we can pick up from the last time without missing a beat. These friends get to hear stuff I wouldn't dare tell anyone else, and I know that while they might laugh, roll their eyes, gasp, or even cry, they'll say something that I need to hear. I love being able to talk through family, kid, relationship and work stuff with these smart, funny women.

We're not all that much alike - we have different lives, styles, and obsessions, but somewhere in there has been a constant connection, understanding and openness. We've laughed and cried, asked for and given advice, shopped, and always, always, shared something yummy to eat ! And, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets , they make me want to be a better person.

This stamp from River City Rubberworks of two old ladies is one of my favorites! It. reminds me of my friends (although none of us are THAT old!) and my grandmother. I've used it over and over and love coloring their outfits , old-lady purses and accessories! Don't they look like they could tell some stories and let it rip if given the opportunity? They remind me of the Anne Taintor quote : " They made it their strict policy never to err on the side of caution". Behind that prim facade, I know these dames are cooking up something and I don't mean dinner!

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