Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Studio Space - Part 2


Back to the studio renovations - the room started out as a spare bedroom, a bit overly yellow and with the famous white (OK, not really white at this point) carpeting. It's been a good spot for a daughter after college and for lots of wonderful company, but it is now ready for a new life. No worries, we still have lots of room for company!

First up on the list of changes - the walls. I never noticed it before, but a section of the chair rail was 2 inches lower than the rest, so the Captain helped me take it off and level it out- hence the strip of pink paint in the picture above. I mixed up some leftover paints and serendipitously came up with a creamy off-white for the top part of the wall.

On to wallpapering- something I've never done and figured what better to start on than 1/3 of a wall , just the space below the chair rail. I found this great paper from Blonder's Cest' la Vie line that combines many of my current obsessions - sage green, old clocks, roman numerals, and background text. Thanks to Home Depot's 1-2-3 Home Repair book and Google, I became one with the paper. While I'm not going to make a habit of wallpapering, I'm loving the paper and amazed that it's still stuck to the wall. Plus, I have lots of scraps of that fantastic paper to play with!

Last up - the floor. Ripped up the white carpet and probably a hundred nails and staples! I decided to paint the floor. I didn't want to put down something I'd be worried about - I am famous for dropping ink pads on the floor and they always land ink side down. If I go all Jackson Pollack-y on it, no problem. I filled in some of the major divets in the floorboards, painted with another mixture of leftover paint and finished with a couple of coats of polyurethane. Voila, a brandie new, easy to clean floor.
Now I'm sorting through all my stuff and moving in. I'm trying to organize things to make it easier to find what I need, be able to see more of what I have and maybe be inspired to use more of what I have instead of buying more ! I even have a (tiny) pile of stuff to donate.

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  1. I can't believe it's the same room! And that wallpaper is beautiful and so YOU! What a fun upgrade :)


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