Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Studio Space- Part 3

Whew - think this project is finally coming together. Just finished making something out of nothing - always fun! I mentioned these drawers before - they were rescued from an old platform bed - no throwing out any potential storage! I had them stacked under the eaves in my old room, a board covered in paper served as a top - although it was not quite wide enough but hidden by all the stuff on top! Since the drawers sat right on the floor, there was a bit of flopping around to get to the bottom ones!

We put some particle board that was taking up room in the garage on the top and bottom- this time it fit nicely. I was going to repaint it, so started sanding and realized I liked the worn,grungy look fine. The Captain helped put on some legs ao it's much easier to use the bottom drawers and there's storage underneath! I changed out the ugly plastic handles with pulls rescued from another project. Some paint, well really, lots and lots of paint (particle board is verrry thirsty!) and the ugly duckling turned into a funky storage unit.

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