Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Studio Space- Part D for "Declared Done"!

I'm so pleased with my new studio space! It's so roomy, lots of storage space and just plain lovely. Some of my treasures have come out of hiding , most of my stuff is much better organized, and the space feels full of possibilities. I wanted to get some pictures posted as the room will never be this clear again !

In no particular order (as if that wasn't obvious!), some of the spots I like. These are some muslin ribbons I made, wound onto vintage bobbins. Cigar boxes hold some unmounted stamps.
I'm making my shelves earn their space.

The Captain got this old window frame for me awhile ago, and I've been waiting to find the perfect spot. I've had the little white house dillie for ages, have nearly donated it many times, and never had a good place or idea for it. Not sure if you can see it, but it's full of embossing powders. God, I had no idea I had so many ! The drawers in the white unit are full of stamps...the woman at the Post Office asked me yesterday how many stamps I have ( I love her because she always ooohs and ahhhs over my stamped packages). I don't' exactly know how many, but I do the the number would frighten normal people!

I love my shelves. The bottom one was part of an old bed, the top one was in the boiler room, begging for a nicer home. A couple of coats of white paint, some brackets, and instant display and storage. I threaded curtain rods through the bottom brackets - one for hanging large sheets of paper, the other for ribbons. Should have taken down the heat gun for the picture - while it's handy there, not so attractive in the picture! I also didn't realize how many books I have - these are just for text backgrounds and embellishing. I probably have enough for several life times.

The paper storage stack isn't all that attractive, but so much better than my previous storage - all on one big box, so I couldn't find anything and everything was getting bent or torn. I like having all the colors separated - so I can find exactly what I need without pitching a nuttie hunting for it.

Now, I'm going to start making stuff!


  1. Congratulations on the finished studio-it looks fantastic!! Happy designing, stamping, gluing, embossing and embelishing!

  2. It looks amazing! Hard to imagine all of that was in the tiny closet-room - how on earth did it all fit? Can't wait to see the projects to come... :)

  3. It looks so lovely. I love my downstairs maze of rooms that I use for my craft space, but it will never look this.

  4. Thanks, Elaine. The very first spot I had (other than the dining room table) was just a little desk in a hallway and I loved it, so enjoy your maze of rooms! Any space we can carve out for our art is good. And, this space already doesn't look the same - messy,messy - ha!



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