Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Things

Our backyard is pretty wet (OK, parts of it are downright swampy). While that does have its drawbacks (like being the ideal spot for hordes of mosquitoes), in spring it is home to peepers. There's nothing better than sitting in the hot tub and listening to the cacophony of peepers. Two amazing things about peepers- first, not sure how such a tiny frog can make SO much noise! And then, just as they reach a crescendo they all stop at the very same time - no straggling peeps, no slowly diminishing sound - no, it's full-on racket and then - SILENCE. They must have one serious conductor!
What a fantastic weekend! Not only is it spring, today it felt like summer - mid 70s, sunny, just delightful! People who live in New England become giddy when the weather begins to change from cold, dark and dreary to something more conducive to life and happiness! In fact, we are just so darn grateful it's downright pitiful! The first warm days of spring - off goes the heavy winter coat and out come the flip-flops - too bad if your toes are cold, it's spring and the start of a very small window of opportunity to wear all those flip-flops and sandals. Yesterday I saw a woman in capris, flip flops and a down vest - an outfit that only makes sense to New Englanders. I have lived in the South where wonderful weather is the norm, and I didn't appreciate it the way I do when spring comes to the frozen tundra!
I wandered around the yard looking for signs of life . Think that's what makes spring so special; after long months of winter with its snow and ice, there is the miracle of plants poking up out of the leaves for another go round. And what better to announce spring than a crocus!
Another early starter - the sedum, so bright green in spring. Doesn't it look like little rosebuds at this stage?

I love lamb's ears - every bit as soft as the real things - so fuzzy and new. Our family never got the whole traditional Easter celebration thing going, so I really think of Easter as more the end of winter doldrums and the start of a very brief and oh so much better season of sun, growing, and of course, flip flops.

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  1. What a cute little peeper - I didn't know they were so tiny!!


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