Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stamp storage

After settling into my new studio, I decided that maybe I should have some better way to store all those clear stamps. They come in those plastic sleeves and I've been just jamming them in a drawer - not a great system - sleeves rip, stamps ooch out and I can't see what I have without hauling out the whole pile . I found this ugly scrapbook while moving my stuff and had a eureka moment - why not use it to store all those stamps?

I decided to alter the cover - it was a book I bought for my darling GD as a mailer for scrapbook pages to be inserted into her "real" book. I covered it with some fantastic wallpaper - swirls, text, splotches of green. I added a couple of bronze-embossed swirls, some dictionary paper and stamps. Another dictionary page was swiped with gesso and stamped with a great little Tim Holtz stamp. The metal embellishments are from my friend SRC who snagged them off an old belt!

I cut the plastic inserts open on 3 sides, stuck the stamps onto the inside and stapled a copy of the stamp designs that comes with the package to the top cover so I can easily see what's underneath. I could have just used the plastic sheet that has the stamp designs printed on it, but decided to save those for a future project.
Now my stamps are organized and in a book that looks great in my new studio!


  1. Yay! what a fab idea and one I am going to adopt... THANKS FOR SHARING XXX

  2. This is a great idea. Although I am not a scrapper, I've acquired a few scrapbooks over the year, and this would be one way to use them.


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