Thursday, May 6, 2010

Retail Rant

While blog-hopping, I came across Estella - a trendy kids' clothing store with some very cute things. But, really, sweat pants for little girls (I mean LITTLE, like size 2) that cost $115.00 !?! Unless those little pants are made of spun platinum, this is just plain crazy ! And more importantly, who on earth would buy them, considering that the little lady wearing them would outgrow them by Tuesday ?

When it comes to sweat pants, I agree with Jerry Seinfeld - wearing sweat pants in public tells the world you've given up. To paraphrase my grandmother, buying $115.00 sweat pants tells the world you have more money than brains!

There are some lovely little things here. If tempted to spend $115.00 on one item for your toddler's wardrobe, I'd suggest the dress pictured above. It's a steal at $115.00 , (marked down from $160.00) and in 100% silk, the perfect fabric for a toddler . It is pretty darn cute, much nicer than sweat pants, and qualifies for free shipping. Hurry - operators are standing by!

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