Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May is for Graduation and Paris!

We just got back from California, where Daughter Number 2 graduated from law school. She's smart, funny, beautiful, and caring , and I'm not at all surprised at how well she's done. She was a thoughtful, smart , organized and fashionable little lady as a child! She wrote stories before she went to school, organized her younger sibs activities (sometimes more than they wanted!) , and went through a stage of never leaving the house without ribbons in her hair that coordinated with her outfit. Now she's all grown up and we're so proud of her.
(image from another great blog, Flea 52)
Today we are off to Paris - a fantastic birthday gift from our kids. It's our first time, so we've been pouring over travel books and maps. The Captain is a fan of Google Earth, so we've taken several "virtual" tours! I've also been pouring over one of my favorite blogs, Tongue In Cheek, and determined to find some of the fantastic brocantes she haunts. I'm not all that interested in fancy fashion shopping in Paris , but I am on a mission to find some old cards, letters, buttons, lace, string - little lovelies. I love old paper, fabric, buttons, small unidentifiable doo-dads, and if perchance there is also text or numbers involved, I'm practically verklempt!
I do plan a new diet while in Paris - the one that involves mostly pastries, pots-de-creme au chocolat, cheese, wine, and bread. Vive la France!

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