Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cakes (While Trying to Get Inspired to Make Art)

Check this out - from one of my favorite sites, Cake Wrecks. This beauty was made by Brianna of Sugar Dreams. Most of the cakes featured on Cake wrecks are, well of course, the wreck kind - cake decorating gone horribly wrong. Every so often they feature fantastic cakes, decorated by absolute artists.
I have no skill in the cake decorating department. Nada. Zip. Zero. When my oldest son was little, I wanted to make a special cake for his birthday. Family Circle magazine ( hey, it was the 70s, we all read FC!) had some cakes that they promised "anyone" could make. I decided to make the school bus one. You start with a 13x9x2 cake, follow the directions on cutting it into pieces, reassemble, frost and voila - instant school bus cake for your little prince. Well, my cake looked like a teetery yellow tower that got hit by a real school bus.

Art is art - whatever form it takes. Plus, you can eat this creation!
I've been in a creative slump for awhile and trying to find inspiration. The cake luggage reminded me of a calendar page I did. I love my little suitcase - I stamped it on a little scrap of glossy magazine paper that I'd been saving for ages and think it looks like aged leather. Maybe my muse is hiding inside that old leather case.

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