Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Images

Love these lacy clouds hanging low over the beach. After a week of weather more like Florida than New England, these clouds brought some wonderful rain. No need to water gardens today! I do feel sorry for people who plan a big beach weekend and then have it rain on their maybe once-a-year trip to the beach. One of the many benefits to living near the beach is that we can enjoy the beach in all kinds of weather.
I live in a beach town - not one of those upscale, gentrified beach towns (not that I have anything against them- most places benefit from a bit of buffing up!), but one that celebrates the inner whack-a-doodle. I found this fantastic fortune teller's panel truck in town today. I love the window boxes hanging precariously off the back "deck".

Check out the mermaid's body - pretty creative use of dinnerware! Now, this is a mixed-media project.
I stopped for some road-side gardening to collect my favorite flower - Queen Anne's Lace. It's at least as pretty as many cultivated flowers, with those big, white, flat flower heads, lacy foliage, and droopy buds. I'm going to get some seed next spring (yes, they sell it!) and plant it on our front slope. I hope it takes off like it does on every neglected scrap of ground near the roads.

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