Monday, June 28, 2010

The Reluctant Sailor

I admit it, I'm the world's worst sailor. This wouldn't be a big deal, but The Captain is obsessed with sailing and likes to have a sailing partner. In my defense, the very fact that I get on the boat is impressive - I can't swim and have been afraid of deep water all my life. As a kid, I would pitch a nuttie any time we had to go over a bridge. I'm making progress - I go sailing, I've gone snorkeling, and I can drive over bridges without having a panic attack (well, usually). I am pretty good about lounging, so moments like the one above are perfect for me.
It's the moments of panic that take the shine off sailing. I finally realized that these are not moments that actually call for panic, just my tendency to castrophize things that makes them seem that way. The Captain has never pitched the boat over, never smashed into another boat (except for that little incident with the catamaran), never been caught in bad weather, nor been lost. I'm working on being a more relaxed passenger!
I do enjoy the restaurant at the marina, Fresh Local Bayside. True to its name, the restaurant features local produce and meat and there's a great view from the outside tables. We've worked our way through much of the menu and all of it's been fantastic. This morning I had a bialy with a schmear, smoked salmon, capers and roasted red peppers - yummy! Part of the charm is the casual, mismatched dinnerware. This mug made my day. There is also a wonderful waitress with a dash of sass . The Captain, who has a tendency to mumble when he orders, once ordered the "Manly" omelet. The sassy-one's response: " Look, buddy, if you're going to order the "Manly", you'd better say it like you mean it"!
The Captain coming in to collect his sailing partner. Bon Voyage!


  1. I really enjoy your sense of humor. I needed a lift this morning. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Karen - Hope you had a great day!



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