Monday, November 8, 2010

Estate Sale Find of the Week

I found this beauty for $5.00 hidden in a box at an estate sale last week. It was very sad, but I loved the shape, the swirls and the little feet. I think it took nearly $5.00 worth of silver polish and lots of serious buffing to rescue this tray.

Isn't this lovely? Now The Captain will be delivering my Sunday morning latte in style.

I just love these little feet - all swirly and shiny.

A word about "Estate Sales". I've learned that anyone can call anything an estate sale. Technically, it's the sale of a lifetime of collecting beautiful furniture, art, linens and china and is often conducted by an outside company. Those are the very best. In practice, many people call hauling out all their J.U.N.K. onto the front lawn an "estate sale". Trust me, used Tupperware and assorted Heineken memorabilia are not "estate" items!


  1. What a beautiful find and those legs! Wow wee! I'd feel like a princess being served on that.

  2. Wow, that doesn't even look like the same piece!


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