Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun (and candy)!

I've never made Halloween cards before. My Halloween festivities are usually limited to performing quality control on several bags of chocolates before the big day. I need to ensure that the 1 or 2 trick or treaters who come to our house have safe candy.

We've been studying Bernie Berlin's ATC Workshop book at NGS and I made some inked paper towel backgrounds that seemed right for something spooky. On this card, I used some of the paper towel inked with dye inks for the background and a great skeleton image from The Vintage Moth . I added a stamped mannequin dress and a yarn belt. Even a skeleton ghoul needs a fancy bag and some red toenail polish!

The pumpkins are ones I mentioned before, featured on Jenny Doh's blog. I used some cheap plastic pumpkins from Michael's so they wouldn't go all squishy. I mixed some gesso with while paint to make sure it would stick to the plastic. The little one on the left has some dots made with black acrylic paint and a pencil eraser stamp. I used a paper punch to punch little circles from a dictionary page. The one on the right has a sewing pattern glued to the bottom, and a free-form scallop trim of adhesive backed-fabric. A bit of rick-rack and some measuring tape complete the sewing theme. These were so much fun to make and they are so darn cute.

This one's a bit busy, but I love this stamp from River City Rubberworks. I edged the background with the top braches of a tree stamp.

These ghouls needed some legs and a bit of bling.
The ghoul stamp was in the dollar bin at Michael's - it had little pumpkins on the edges, but I liked it better without them. Ever since my good friend Shiela (yes, that's how she spells it) told me about trimming rubber stamps, I took it one step further and have been hacking off pieces of them I don't like.
Happy Halloween!

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