Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas - An Excuse to Gild Everything

As you've probably noticed if you spend any time here, my style is more grunge than glitz - art, house and wardrobe. But it's Christmas time, and I had a can of gold spray paint I bought in a box of stuff at a tag sale. Armed and dangerous, I started looking around for things to paint. If I had a mantle, this is how I'd decorate it. I don't, so this this table is a good stand-in. An old mirror at the back doubles the viewing pleasure.

I salvaged some of the small fall pumpkins and gourds and gave them a spray of gold. Then some leaves and tree branches got the glitz treatment. I found gumballs that I had stashed away and sprayed them, too. The pine cone candles were next. I had three stray candles for the flower pot and now they match.

I found these gourds at the farmers' market and knew immediately that they would make perfect pears. Of course, perfect gold pears. I love the long, arched stems.

I made a set of these trees as a gift a few years ago and have wanted a set for myself. They are made from Styrofoam cones. First job is to paint the cones - trust me, it takes LOTS of paint to cover all those tiny little holes in Styrofoam! I was at a Michael's in Boston and found that they had paper mache cones. Wish I had found them before I started - they'd be much easier to paint! Once the cone is painted, hot glue on rough jute twine, starting at the bottom of the cone and winding it around the cone. Cut it off at the top and glue the end down. Repeat until the cone is covered how you like it- just make sure the twine is in a criss-cross pattern. I don't glue the whole piece of twine - just the bottom and top and maybe a smidge in the middle if it's looking loose. Brush gold paint over the twine - no need to cover completely, just brush over the top. Repeat all of these steps for the star toppers. I had trouble finding Styrofoam ones, so used some small wooden stars on the smallest tree and a paper star on the middle one. Hot glue the star to the top of the tree and you're done.

It's beginning to look like Christmas around here!


  1. You have a lovely blog, Deb. Thanks for sharing how you made the trees. They look great! (I got here from Collage Cats) - Christy

  2. Thanks, Christie. I've had yours bookmarked for ages. I love the recent post about icons - I've been strangely drawn to these images lately - not for the religious significance, but for the art, the colors, the feeling.


  3. These are gorgeous! I have a mantel that they would look great on. LOL


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